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Rubber metal box

Rubber metal box Rubber metal box Rubber metal box Rubber metal box
Product name : Rubber metal box
Item : D0003
Details :

Features :
1/ Save space efficiently by using folded design, save the transportation cost.

2/ Easy to handle, and no need any assistant tools, easy to assemble and disassembly by one person.

3/ Surface spray powder paint with best quality of corrosion resistance, in line with international environment requirements.
Product Application: Mainly used in package , storage and transportation for synthetic rubber and any other field for this kind of small container, meanwhile can be applied to chemical industry, and any other industry for package and transportation.

Product Name Rubber Metal Box
Product model D0003
Product weight 59 ± 2KG
Product load-bearing dynamic load 1200KG
Static load 1200KG
Dimensions 1465 × 1150 × 1095
Internal dimensions 1430 × 1095 × 985
Number of stacks
Static load 4 layers
Delivery method from mention
Online service