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Storage cage W-1

Storage cage W-1
Product name : Storage cage W-1
Item : D0004
Details :
Features: 1, surface treatment: spray, electro-galvanized (trivalent galvanized), with excellent corrosion resistance, in line with international environmental requirements; 2, save space: can be used in stacking machine, lift, Stacking four layers high, resulting in three-dimensional storage effect, when not folded when the accumulation, only occupy the original space 20%; 3, with forklifts, pallet trucks and other equipment for warehouse parts handling and turnover and finished product packaging;
Product Name Storage cage W-1
Product Model D0004
Product weight 49 ± 3KG
Product load-bearing dynamic load 1200KG
Static load 1200KG
Dimensions 1035x816x842
Internal dimensions 950x760x700
Number of stacks
Static load 4
Delivery method from mention
Product price (tax included)
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