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Anhui Dongtai metal packaging company in Quanjiao County completed and put into production ceremony

Source:anhui dongtaiRelease time:2014/9/15 14:41:41

September 12 morning, Anhui Dongtai Metal Packaging Co., Ltd. logistics and equipment project was completed and put into production ceremony in the Quanjiao Development Zone four standard plant held. County leaders Sheng Bi Long, Yan Ming, Shen Wenqi, director of the CMC Yao Benshan attended the event and opened the kick for the ceremony. Investors in Japan and South Korea tripartite representatives and partners to participate in the completion of production ceremony.
    Completion ceremony, the county by the opening of the CMC Director Yao Benshan delivered a speech, I hope Dongtai company to optimize management, integrity management, and strive to build the company into a first-class East China.
    Investors on behalf of the Chinese side of the details of the enterprise inspection, settled, signed, started to the first batch of samples produced by the whole process; also said that enterprises will always adhere to the "safety first, quality first" business philosophy, the company bigger , Stronger, for the whole pepper economic construction building blocks.
    Representatives from both sides of Korea and Japan also issued enthusiastic speeches, full of confidence in the future development of the company.
    Finally, Quanjiao County leaders and Japan, Japan and South Korea jointly pressed a symbol of multi-party cooperation successfully start the ball.
    Anhui Dongtai Metal Packing Co., Ltd. is invested by the development zone, the total investment of 60 million yuan, leasing four standard 5,6 plant a total of 12,400 square meters. After the project put into effect, the annual tax paid more than 5 million yuan.
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